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  • From Potential to Reality

    Students make good progress and examination results are above average. - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Students are inspired to learn - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Teachers show enthusiasm for their subject - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Parents are pleased with the progress that their children are making - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Lessons typically show an excited buzz of learning - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about students’ success - Ofsted 2012
Valuing the role of curiosity in developing knowledge and understanding.
Valuing the challenge in the journey to achievement and recognising the importance of the work ethic.
Valuing the worth of ourselves and the worth and diversity of others.
Valuing determination, concentration and resilience. Understanding order and process.

Head Teacher's Blog

I am delighted to inform everyone that all permissions to place a permanent provision for the Reserve Forces and Cadet Association on the school site have been received from the Education Funding Agency. The cadets already rent our facilities in the evening but this will give them a permanent new home behind the tennis courts and next to the Playbox Theatre. They will have a separate entrance from the Stratford Road and this will also service the Playbox. Daytime visitors to the theatre will no longer be required to pass though the school grounds when this has been completed, hopefully by the end of this academic year. The buildings may provoke additional interest in the cadets and students may want to see for themselves what they can offer.

GCSE and A-Level Exam Certificates
GCSE and A-Level Exam certificates from the Summer examination series are now ready for collection from the school. Current Sixth Form students will receive certificates during Tutor time.

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