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  • From Potential to Reality

    Students make good progress and examination results are above average. - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Students are inspired to learn - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Teachers show enthusiasm for their subject - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Parents are pleased with the progress that their children are making - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Lessons typically show an excited buzz of learning - Ofsted 2012
  • From Potential to Reality

    Teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about students’ success - Ofsted 2012
Valuing the role of curiosity in developing knowledge and understanding.
Valuing the challenge in the journey to achievement and recognising the importance of the work ethic.
Valuing the worth of ourselves and the worth and diversity of others.
Valuing determination, concentration and resilience. Understanding order and process.
Important Date Change
Due to a clash with another event, the Christmas Concert has been moved to Thursday 18th December. We look forward to welcoming parents and students to this wonderful event.

Head Teacher's Blog

Primary School Planning Permission confirmed! Prospective Parents Evening.

All those with a current or future interest in the school will be delighted to learn that planning approval for the new Primary School has been granted. Building work is scheduled to begin during the first week in December 2104. I invite parents who would like to view the images and 3D Model of the planned school buildings and to listen to the plans for the curriculum, staffing and welfare of the children and ask questions regarding places to a meeting at the school on:


Aylesford Primary School,





Following the consultation on the Aylesford Primary School development and the approval by both the EFA Commissioning body and local planning approval to extend the age range, Aylesford Academy Primary School admissions for September 2015 will follow the existing criteria as outlined during the consultation process.

The Primary admission will be one class of up to 30 reception age children. There will be no effect on the overall Academy PAN of 206, or on the Year 7 admission arrangements for the Academy. The reception oversubscription criteria will be the same as that used for admission in year 7 as follows:-

1. Children in the care of or provided with accommodation by a local authority and

children who were looked after but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or

became subject to a residence order or special guardianship or order)

  1. Children living in the priority area who will have a brother or sister at the school at

the time of admission

  1. Other children living in the priority area
  2. Children living outside the priority area who will have a brother or sister at the school

at the time of admission

  1. Other children living outside the priority area


Within each criterion, priority is given in order of distance between the child’s home and

school. (Shortest distance = highest priority).

Distance will be calculated by the straight line measurement from the centre of the

applicant’s home address (as set by Ordnance Survey) to the centre point (‘centroid’) of

Aylesford School. (All measurements are subject to prepositional accuracy changes). This

applies equally to those living inside and outside the County boundary.


Please note that children with a Statement of Educational Needs that names a school must

be admitted. In this event the number of places that remain for allocation will be reduced.


If you would like to respond to this criteria please send your correspondence to; The Head teacher Aylesford School and Sixth Form College, Tapping Way, Warwick CV346XR

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