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Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

Year 12 trip to Jaguar Land Rover

Year 12 Business student Leah Ricketts reports on a recent visit to JLR

On Wednesday, the Year 12 Business class went on a trip to Jaguar Land Rover in Solihull to improve their understanding of the business and the brand.

Firstly, they saw a presentation in the education centre to explain the basic information about the business including health and safety rules and for example, how many different models they have and what they are dealing with due to Brexit happening.

The students had a tour around the car factory, seeing the four different areas accessible for the public out of the 300 acres of land that Jaguar Land Rover actually covers, and seeing how they produced their different vehicles. In each area there were no empty spaces, with each one being used to make sure the vehicles were completed and enabling them to get a completed car out and ready for a test drive every 90 seconds.

The students learnt how technology including machines and robots is used to make the car, especially how efficient this technology actually is when they are building the vehicles and when the workers check the final product.

Talking about the trip, Adam said, “The trip was really good, I understand more about the manufacture and I recommend the trip to other students,” and Abby added, “I found the trip very useful and it helped with my understanding of how efficient the technology is that Jaguar Land Rover uses to manufacture their cars.”