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Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

KS4 Options

***Since the launch of KS4 Open Week, we are now able to offer Psychology GCSE in Block B as an additional subject.  In addition to this, we are now also able to offer students who wish to take a second language as a GCSE option in Block A.  This language will either be French or Italian depending on the preference of the majority of students.  If students wish to select a second language as their Option choice in Block A, they will need to select Spanish in Option Block D. The Options Booklet and Powerpoint presentation below have both been revised to reflect these additional subjects.***

Please watch the short video of the Key Stage 4 Options Process.  This can be located at the very bottom of this page. 

Subject teachers have hosted zoom sessions, and have outlined what is involved in studying their subject for GCSE/Btec years 10 and 11,  2021-2023. Please watch the video introduction and read the KS4 Options Booklet prior to listening to the recorded meetings. Links to the recordings are below.

Parents/carers will have received an email on 14th January about the KS4 Options Process which includes all the links required, including a link for the Options online submission form.  The Online Options form  will close 5th February. If you are having difficulties with the online form or if you haven't received the parent email on the 14th January, please email the Options Team on, by 5th February.

We hope that you find this useful and interesting.  If you have any further questions, please send an email to and a member of the Year 9 Options team will respond.

                                  MEDIA STUDIES  with Mrs E Leigh 

                                                    Media Studies recording

                                                     Access Passcode: 2DGk!Ngw

                                  MUSIC  with Mr B Banister

                                                    Music recording

                                                    Access Passcode: #C8h.^H7

                                  DRAMA with Mrs Purcell

                                                    Drama recording

                                                    Access Passcode: H0Cugy?6

                                 HISTORY with Miss L Davies

                                                   History recording

                                                   Access Passcode: %JCts*=0

                                GEOGRAPHY with Mrs A Jordan

                                                  Geography recording

                                                   Access Passcode: x68arL@%

                               PHOTOGRAPHY  with Miss E Rogers   

                                                 Photography recording

                                                 Access Passcode: 4+!4p5Sv

                             RELIGIOUS STUDIES with Miss S Smith 

                                               Religious Studies recording

                                               Password available from

                            TEXTILES  with Mrs G Hutchings

                                               GCSE Textiles recording

                                                Passcode: q#GiI1F@

                             DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY  with Mr Bainbridge

                                               GCSE Design and Technology recording

                                               Passcode: Xdu0@ed@

                           FOOD & NUTRITION with Mrs L Riggs

                                             GCSE Food and Nutrition recording

                                             Access Passcode: 0aTB=bav


                          ART with Mrs G Hutchings

                                            GCSE Art recording

                                             Access Passcode: *s+y$6#4

                         PSYCHOLOGY with Mrs Hayre and Mrs Scopes

                                           GCSE Psychology recording

                                           Access Passcode: zUQZ^03G


                                             with Mrs A Scopes and Mrs Riggs

                                             Q & A Session about the Options Process recording

                                             Passcode: ^9yaA6=Z

                         ENTERPRISE with Miss V Cannell

                                           Btec Enterprise recording

                                           Passcode: r^x1z7Tw

                         MFL  with Mrs Kiddle

                                           GCSE MFL recording

                                           Access Passcode: 4t@8XSVV

                         I.T.  with Miss V Cannell                                                                

                                           Btec Information Technology recording

                                           Passcode: ?eqEN@P0

                      CHILD DEVELOPMENT  with Miss L Dougan

                                        Cambridge Nationals - Child Development recording

                                        Access Passcode: 36#$n0Jt

                      PE GCSE & BTEC with Mr C Grinham

                                        GCSE & Btec PE recording

                                        Passcode: myS5jth+


                                        with Mrs A Scopes and Mrs Riggs

                                        Q & Session about the Options Process recording

                                        Access Passcode: ^5dT!9Y2

          KS4 Options Form - Please refer to the link for the online Options form sent in the parent                                                         email on 14th January - If you have not received the email or are having                                                     difficulties with the online form, please let us know by                                                                                    email: