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Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

Sixth Form Open Week

As it is not possible this year to invite you into school to meet the teachers, see the facilities and hear from the students, please join us instead for our virtual Open Week.

By following this link, you will be able to watch a  video introduction to the Sixth Form (Sixth Form video).  At the bottom of this page is a further presentation that provides some information about life in the Sixth Form, the subjects available, the entry criteria and the application process.  If you open that as a slide show, you will be able to hear the accompanying narration.

Also, during the week commencing Monday 23rd November, subject teachers will be hosting zoom sessions, during which they will outline what is involved in studying their subject in the Sixth Form and allow plenty of time for any questions that you may have.  Details of these sessions, along with zoom links, are below.  Once the zoom sessions are finished, links to the recordings will be available instead.

At the bottom of this page, you will find a copy of the Sixth Form prospectus for 2021 along with an application form.  Where possible, completed application forms should be emailed to  If this is not possible, they can be handed in at Student Services / School Reception.

We hope that you find these useful and interesting.  If you have any further questions or requests, please contact the school office and a member of the Sixth Form team will respond.


Monday 23rd November

4:00 – Science: Dr Bush, Mrs Parkinson, Mr Amadeo

Science in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: 10JhR.j&

4:30 – Maths: Mr Orme, Mr Darren

Maths in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: %CEA?2G+

4:45 – Further Maths: Mr Orme, Mr Darren

Further Maths in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: #b0%#n0!

Tuesday 24th November

4:00 – Drama: Ms Purcell, Mr Leigh

Drama in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: q6XA?zmx

4:15 – English Literature: Miss Yeardley, Mrs Furlong

English Literature in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: 7ubzG5a?

4:30 – English Language: Miss Yeardley, Mr Shaw

English Language in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: U*x7Gzt.

4:45 – History: Miss Davies, Miss Leith

History in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: GiY@Tu2%

5:00 – Geography: Mrs Jordan, Dr Williams

Geography in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: 6Hzn@=m&

5:15 – Spanish:Miss Costanza, Mrs Hensel

Spanish in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: dd^He44p


Wednesday 25th November

4:00 – Economics: Mrs Mitchell

Economics in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: W8Fhh@bH

4:15 – Sociology: Miss Smith, Miss Sims

Sociology in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: P9kj^8%N

4:30 – Product Design: Mr Bainbridge

Product Design in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: 2u@Bkm3e

4:45 – Religious Studies: Miss Smith

Religious Studies in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: Gv%PbSh8

5:00 – Photography: Mrs Hutchings, Miss Rogers

Password: #$0=Z1V^

Thursday 26th November

3:30 – Head of 6th Form Q&A: Mrs Keell, Mr Shaw


4:00 – Sport: Mr Grinham

Sport in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: 0z?ZCW4t

4:15 – Health & Social Care: Miss Dougan

Health & Social Care in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: 3Y#+LR?Y

4:30 – Business Studies: Mr Bal

Business Studies in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: 7#bNb&Kq

4:45 – Art: Mrs Grinham, Mrs Hutchings

Password: MEP?pX1#

5:00 – Media: Mrs Leigh

Media Studies in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: =njg%G8p

5:15 – Psychology: Mrs Hayre

Psychology in 6th Form - Zoom

Password: F83^rs68

5:30 - Head of 6th Form Q&A: Mr Shaw

Head of 6th Form Q&A Part 2 - Zoom

Password: TWXx+3$N