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Aylesford School and Sixth Form College

Aylesford School and Sixth Form College


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2nd September 2021

A very warm welcome from Miss Paula McLean, Head of Year 7.

Aylesford School and Sixth Form College are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students in September.  Moving up from primary to secondary school can feel like a big step for a youngster and their family, and this is natural.  We hope to help you and your child prepare for this exciting step in their educational career.

I have recently started visiting primary schools in the area to meet our new students, it has been lovely to start meeting you all and answering your questions. This will help me get to know you and you get to know me and members of the transition team. I am frantically trying to remember names!!

 In the meantime, keep your eyes out for updates, important information and dates and hopefully some videos.

We appreciate that you and your child may be feeling anxious about the jump to secondary. One of the biggest worries for our new starters is their friendships.  Students will be placed in a tutor group, and every effort is made to put children with at least one person from their primary school, if a student transfers from a primary school on their own, we will always endeavour to place them in a tutor group with others in a similar situation. Students soon develop new friendships as there are lots of activities in and out of lessons, which are focused on mixing students from different schools and supporting the making of new friends.

It is important to have breaks within the school day.  For Year 7, the 20-minute morning break is spent in the designated Year 7 area, which is reserved for them and is always supervised by the Year 7 team.  This safe space allows any niggles or worries that students might have, to be easily discussed with trusted staff.  Year 7 also leave lesson 4 early for lunch to give them plenty of time to get to and eat their lunch whilst still being able to participate in the wide variety of exciting clubs which happen during the lunch break.

If you have any queries, questions or concerns, please email Miss McLean directly.

                                                         Starting School

Hello our new Year 7's!

It was great to see so many of you at Summer School last week. We hope you had a great time. I can tell you all the staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and spending time with you all and working on your projects. It was lovely to get to know you all.

A few reminders for the days ahead:

Friday 3rd September - Lateral Flow Testing for whole school.

You will have been given timings for your tutor group before the holidays. Please turn up promptly for testing, and then you will be able to return home once testing is complete.

Monday 6th September - Lateral Flow Testing and Year 7 Induction

You will again be tested (same times/location as Friday) and then will return to your tutor group to await results. All students who return a negative result will stay at school for the day to take part in their induction.

Please come in PE kit and bring a refillable water bottle and packed lunch if required. Only Free School Meal children will be supplied with a lunch (already pre-ordered). We are supplying a snack at break time for all.

If your child is not taking part in testing (we do encourage and advise all to do so if possible) then they can arrive at 9.15 and head to their tutor room. Don't worry, staff are on hand all morning to guide them to the correct place. 

Induction day will start at 9.30 and finish at 2.30. Students can enter via any gate.

Tuesday 7th September 

The first 2 periods are year periods with your tutor. You will be given your timetables and various other information to make your life easier as you begin secondary. Please arrive at 8.30 and listen for the morning whistle and head to your tutor room ready to start registration at 8.40 promptly. School finishes at 3.15. Don't worry if you are unsure of where you are going. Myself, current students and staff will be on hand to help you.

Don't forget your ILU's!

See you all tomorrow!

                                                    Transition news   

All admission packs have now been sent out to new starters. Please can you ensure they are completed and returned as soon as possible. Your child should have also received a welcome letter from their tutor in the post.

It was lovely to meet so many students and parents this week when you collected your gift boxes. There were so many smiling faces and I know the tutors were just as excited and happy to meet their new tutees.

New dates:

W/b 23rd August - Summer School - This is now full.

3rd September - Lateral Flow Testing - Test 1.  Please refer to the email sent on 21st July.  A copy is at the bottom of this webpage.

6th September - **PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE** Induction Day Arrangements Please refer to the email sent 19th July regarding Induction Day of which a copy is at the bottom of this webpage.
                              - Lateral Flow Testing  - Test 2. 

7th September - First day for ALL students.


                                                        Transition Project / ILU

This is a little project to complete over the summer and bring back in with you on your first day. It is all about you and also about Aylesford School. It helps us get to know you and I know that your tutor's and I will love reading them and finding out all about you!  An example of what one looks like can be found out the end of this page. 

A welcome letter to your child from one of this year's Year 7 students:


A welcome letter to new Year 6's from Holly in 7JHN.

Dear Year 6’s,

My name is Holly and in this letter I am going to talk a bit about Aylesford School, so it will make you feel a bit better about starting secondary school. I know how you feel, last year I was in this place, but look at me now I am writing a letter to all year 6’s. I want to tell you I only knew 6 friends that were coming to Aylesford with me, now I have met loads more people which made me feel really happy and confident. I promise it will get better and you will get to know more and more people as you fly past year 7.

Now, I want to give you some tips about starting secondary school. It is always helpful to have an extra pencil or pen or anything, because I have learnt that they can sometimes go missing. Now this one is about homework. It is always good to get your homework done the night it is set so you can get it over and done with.

I have learnt so many things from year 7 that if you are feeling worried it is always good to talk to anyone, your tutor and the lovely head of year 7 (Miss Mclean). At the start of year 7 I only knew two words in Spanish Hola and Adios. But now I think I know about 1 million ! And I was so excited because I wanted to try new clubs like Netball and trampolining.

I hope I have helped you and made you feel much more confident about starting year 7.

See you at school!


                                                         Exciting news!!

Check out the new Aylesford transition Twitter page at @Aylesford6to7. We will add alerts and any other useful information on here, and it can be updated a little quicker than the webpage. Make sure you follow us to find out about all things to do with transition.

                               Say hello to some of our amazing Year 7's!


Break time with friends


Easter achievement awards



We have some great footballers in Year 7!


Enjoying some Spring sunshine



Break time catch up!
Drama lesson rehearsal



You might want to use these resources to help you and your child get ready for starting at Aylesford School and Sixth Form College:

  1. BBC bitesize ( is a fabulous resource with video clips and top tips to help settle students as they move from being in the oldest year in their school to their new, often larger school.  It also includes tips and hints for parents.
  2. Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities ( has put together guides for pupils and parents with ideas to help cope with the move to secondary school.
  3. Twinkl is an on-line resource bank of material.  Due to Cov-19 they are offering free downloads of their worksheets by going to and using the code CVDTWINKLHELPS.  They have made a Year 6 to Year 7 Transition resource pack that can be found here:

Meet this year's Year 7 team:

Miss P.Mclean

Head of Year 7       

Hello, I am Miss McLean and I will be your Head of Year throughout your time in Year 7. I am very excited to be part of a wonderful and enthusiastic Year 7 team and I cannot wait to support you with your first steps into Secondary school life. I understand transition is a huge step and myself and the rest of the team will do all we can to help you reach your potential and have a happy, fun and safe time at Aylesford School. I truly believe here at Aylesford we foster a caring and nurturing environment and this is one of the reasons I invested my own sons' education here.

Miss K Benbow

Assistant Head of Year 7 and 7BNW

Hello, I’m Miss Benbow and I am Assistant Head of Year 7, where I work closely with Miss McLean to ensure that your transition to Aylesford is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This will be my fifth year at Aylesford, where I also teach PE. The PE department run many different sports clubs both at lunchtime and after school, and it would be great to see you at some at these throughout the year. When I was in Year 7 netball quickly became my favourite sport, and it still is to this day, as I continue to enjoy playing for my team on the weekends.

Miss L.Collins


I''m Miss Collins and I started at Aylesford last year, but I’ve settled in so quickly it seems like I’ve been here longer and its part of my job to help you feel at home here too.

I’m a science teacher, and I’m a specialist in Biology, I love everything living. This probably explains why I have four dogs, three cats and a small flock of chickens at home! I’m looking forward to hearing about your pets and favourite animals.

Over the school holidays I can normally be found playing video games, watching anime, reading or playing board games. I’m excited to hear what you love doing in your spare time as well. I love crafts and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do plenty of these in our tutor time.

Miss C.Costanza


I am a language teacher and I am fluent in four languages: Spanish, Italian, French and of course English!! I enjoy running, cooking, baking, gardening and travelling. My favourite quote is "Life is a stage and you only get one performance. Make it a good one"


Miss L.Dougan


Hi guys, I am Miss Dougan. I am a teacher of Child Development and Health and Social Care. I have worked at Aylesford for just over 4 years now. When I am not working, I enjoy reading and craft making. I also love to go on holiday and see new places. I look forward to meeting you all.

Mrs V.Grinham


My name is Mrs Grinham and I teach Art and am also Head of the Art Department, so I will also teach some of you Art during your time at Aylesford.

I have been a teacher at Aylesford School for a very long time which means that I will probably know the answers to any questions that you might have. It also means that I may have taught some of your mums or dads, however if I have taught any of your grandparents, please do not point this out, as it will make me feel even older than I already feel! Some people ask me why I have stayed at the same school for so long and the answer is really easy. It’s because I love teaching at Aylesford!

Miss M.Kiernan


I have been teaching at Aylesford School for 8 years now. I started off on a maternity cover teaching French and Spanish then stayed on as a cover teacher. I'm now enjoying something completely different in supporting the math's department. Although I have been teaching for over 20 years, I have never been a Year 7 tutor so I am very excited to meet you all and join you in your journey through Aylesford.

In my spare time, I am a big reader, so I encourage you all to have your books ready for tutor time! I have 3 children, aged 18, 16 and 11. Both my daughters will be at Aylesford this year. I also love running, yoga and snuggling with my Jack Russell, Robbie. Be prepared for the pet photos!

Mr McLean -   

Cover Supervisor - Covering 7MCB

Hi all, I am Mr McLean, I am currently tutor for 7MCB. This is my 8th year at Aylesford. 7 Years as a student and in Sixth Form, and then I returned after finishing University as a member of staff. I love the friendly atmosphere here and the wide range of topics and sports. I teach Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball during lunchtimes and after-school. I am looking forward to welcoming you all and any questions just ask, as I was in your position once!

Mrs L.Brown

Year 7 Transition TA

Hi, I'm Mrs Brown! I am the transition TA in year 7. I recently joined Aylesford after working in a local primary school for 10 years. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and helping you to settle in and enjoy your new adventure! My favourite subject is History and I also love to read, I would love to know about any good books you have read! 


Miss M.Hensel

Attached tutor-Year 7 Team


Frequently asked questions

Q. What happens if I get lost? 

A. You are usually with your tutor group, so follow them! Look at the copy of your map if in doubt or you could always ask one of the older students at Aylesford who love to help!

Q. How much homework will I get?

A. Year 7, on average get 2 to 3 pieces of homework set per night. Each piece should take no more than 30 minutes. 

Q. Do you have lots of clubs?

A. Yes! In normal circumstances we have lunchtime clubs on every day and lots of after school clubs. Obviously at this time, most clubs are on hold but when they start back up you will be given a list of what is available and when. You don't have to commit to a club forever, we encourage you to try as many as possible until you find one that suits you.

Q. How do I earn Kudos/House points?

A. Easy! You will get awarded Kudos points for a variety of reasons; A good piece of homework, great attendance, having a great attitude, good work in lessons, helping at open evenings and other school events, participating in after school matches and many more reasons.

Q. Who do I speak to if I have a problem?

A. You can speak to your Head of Year, Assistant Head of Year or your Tutor. However, at Aylesford School, we foster a caring and nurturing environment, so you are able to approach any member of staff if you are worried about anything. 

Top Tips:

1. Be organised! Pack your bag the night before, ensure all your equipment is in your bag along with anything else you need for the day ahead.

2.Do homework on the night it is set. That way you will keep on top of it and won't always be playing catch up.

3. Name everything!

4. Get involved in new things. Try a new sport or club and you will make new friends and might find out you are amazing at something you had never even thought about before.

Important information from Stitch - Tech, our uniform providers:

Listed below some of the measures that we will be implementing this year:

1. A New Online Appointment booking system that runs every 45 mins. So, for example at 9.30 we will accept 3 bookings. The Uniform Appointment lasts 30 mins, and we will then spend 15minutes sanitising the showroom and steaming the garments tried on before the next appointment at 10.15.

This appointment will be Strictly limited to 1 parent/guardian and 1 child per booking. If a parent has multiple children to kit out, they will have to make an appointment for each Child, but this can be done within the same time slot, e.g at 9.30 book two appointments.

This will enable us to socially distance the families in the showroom by approximately 2.5m between families.

We will have approximately 1500 time slots available from end of June to end of August. We will confirm exact start date in due course.

Where possible we would like to prioritise the use of the appointments by the parents of new Year 7. 

  • Hand Sanitiser will be available and must be used by all entering the building.
  • Our staff will be wearing protective gloves and face mask when serving the customers.
  • Our online service will continue as normal and again we will encourage parents to opt for the home delivery option this year to assist in reducing the number of people attending the building.
  • Where parents use the Click and Collect from Stitch-Tech option, this year we will send a text message when the order is ready for collection and we will have dedicated collection times on certain days in the week. The collection will be made from the Reception area and will not be done in the shop as previous years.
  • We have installed screens on the tills for added protection
  • We will not service cold calling during this time.

Kind Regards

Stitch-Tech Ltd

7C, Sydenham Industrial Estate,

Jenton Rd,

Leamington Spa

CV31 1XS

01926 883366