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Welcome to the Year 11 zone! Here is everything that you need to know about with what's going on in Year 11 such as messages from Miss Leith or your tutor, useful links to websites (academic and support for your wellbeing), theme of the month, jokes, quizzes and more. 

Please click on the drop-down menus below to discover more. New content will be uploaded regularly so feel free to visit this page again soon.

If you or your parent(s)/carer(s) have any queries particularly during this difficult period of time, you can contact Miss Leith on; Dr Williams on or for general queries the office at

This page is a work in progress so may change from time to time. Feel free to suggest ideas that you think would be useful for everybody to see! Enjoy!


Meet the Year 11 team

Miss Leith - Year 11 Head of Student Progress

I should probably start by saying I like history...which I do obviously, however if there was a GCSE in celeb gossip I'm pretty sure I'd be the Head of Dept...not sure how many students I'd get in the class though!

History is obviously a passion of mine, I love to learn about how people lived eg during dictatorships or periods of time like the Industrial Revolution.  I like to go out and see historical places when I can as well.

As you all know, I have a cat called Ella...she is more spoilt than I should admit to really! When lockdown isn't occurring I like to go to various gym classes and out and about with friends, but during lockdown it's been about baking and lots of facetime with friends and family.

Dr Williams - Assistant Year 11 Head of Student Progress / 11WLL

Lover of geography (of course), outdoors, travelling, photography, gardening, food (eating it, occasionally making it!), cats and fishkeeping. Some say he knows what all of the map symbols are because he studies them intently for hours each and every evening… Others say it’s because he is a legend. Ba dum tss! (…should FLAG that’s a geography joke).


Mr Amadeo - 11AMD

Bio coming soon...





Mrs Bythell - 11BYT

I am an English teacher here at Aylesford so it won't surprise you to learn that I love to read. I am also in the middle of writing a novel. I've been at it for years though so who knows when it will get finished. Maybe 2020 is my year?! I love spending time with my husband and two kids and we have three guinea pigs at home. I love films, photography, walks in the woods, spending time with friends and family and travelling.

Miss Davies - 11DVS

I am Head of History at Aylesford and as well as teaching History, I also love learning about it outside of school! In my spare time I like to read, paint and bake. Although I do share some of my baking creations with my friends and family, I have been eating A LOT of cake during lock down, so I have started running so I can continue to eat cake (also one of my favourite things to do in my spare time) :)


Mrs Grinham - 11GRI 

Having taught at Aylesford for over 20 years (yes....I know), I think it shows you how much I love my job. However being a form tutor is one of the best bits of my job as I love getting to know students and finding out their personalities and interests. When I am not in school I enjoy spending time with my children. There is also another really special member of my household....Wilbur the cat! Like Miss Leith, I adore my cat and he really is spoilt rotten! I also love baking, playing the piano, travelling, gardening and shopping!

Mrs Hutchings - 11HTC

I love art, design and crafts and really enjoy being creative! I find inspiration all around me and through my other interests such as nature, music, books, films, history, fashion, photography, my family! the list is endless……….

“It is good to love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is well done.” Vincent Van Gogh

Here is my portrait completed by my son, a budding comic book artist 😊.

Mr Leigh - 11LGH

Bio coming soon...





Mrs McCarthy - 11MCC

Bio coming soon...


Weekly tutor time activities 

This is Year 11's temporary tutor time activity schedule whilst assemblies are not taking place:








Revision Skills Revision Skills Wellbeing Wednesday VESPA

Student-Led Activity


In these sessions we learn new ways to help us learn and revise for our exams. There's a lot more to learning than simply reading stuff. In these sessions we learn new ways to help us learn and revise for our exams. There's a lot more to learning than simply reading stuff. An opportunity to take some time to look after our mental wellbeing. These sessions help us to identify our goals, give us structure and routine and to develop a growth mindset. Fridays give   us the opportunity   to take ownership for planning, creating and delivering our own activities - always fun!


New updates for Year 11


October 2020

WCG Colleges are holding virtual online open events. This is an opportunity for you to view their facilities online, speak to their staff and get information, advice and guidance on a number of different post-16 study options - all from the comfort of your own home.

Click the link to find out more and book your place -->

Stratford College are holding virtual online open events and you will be able to book online really soon. Join the audience of a live Zoom event for the chance to meet lecturers and ask questions. Below is a list of the sessions available:

Click the link for more info and to register your place -->

September 2020

Immersive Career Experiences
For Ages 15-18
Autumn Term
Architecture | Art | Computer Science | Dentistry | Engineering | Entrepreneurship | Fashion | Filmmaking | International Development | Investment Banking | Journalism | Law | Management Consultancy | Marketing | Medicine | Music | Politics |Psychology | Publishing | Veterinary Science

Interested in virtual work experience? Click on the link below to find out more about how you can get involved: 

Welcome back Year 11!  What a year to start of your final mandatory year as an Aylesford student?!  Staff have been working really hard to try to ensure the best start for your return to school and tutors, Dr Williams and I are always on hand to offer support if you need us. This year will be tough…you will be sitting your exams at the end of this academic year and you need to make sure that you prepare for this from the moment you start on Thursday. I have planned for tutor activities to link in with useful strategies you will need in preparation for the year ahead so it is vital you make use of this time during each week.

The school day (in the short term at least) will look slightly different for you and may take a bit of getting used to. Rather than go to your tutor room first thing, you will go straight to lesson 1 at 9am and you will see you tutor later at 11.00-11.15. It is important that you all enter school via the Shelley Avenue entrance (this information has already been sent to parents in an email/letter).

I am genuinely looking forward to welcoming you back. Not seeing most of you since March has been strange…my sarcasm may just go up a notch or two given how long it’s been!! 

Good luck year 11 with your final GCSE year!

Miss Leith :)

July 2020


General Announcement

Hi year 10, two more weeks to go!!  I hope you’ve enjoyed coming back into school for some lessons, those of you who have been able to. I know that teachers are enjoying being back in the classroom and are also enjoying the zoom lessons that have started recently.  If you haven’t handed in the consent form (via email) please get your parents to reply asap so you can take part – without consent, you will not be allowed to join the online  lessons. If you and your parents are unsure if you have replied giving consent, email me and I can check for you. Your teachers will continue to set work on Show My Homework for the next two weeks so please try to keep up with the work – if you fall behind because you come into school for a lesson, just message your teacher and ask for an extension.

You will be receiving another tutor call over the next two weeks – your tutor just wants to see how you’re doing, if you have any concerns and if we can help with anything. If you miss a call and want them to call you back, leave a message with the office or email me and I will get them to call you back.

If you have any quizzes/activities that could be used on the website, email myself or Dr Williams and we can pop them on over the next couple of weeks – it might give you something to do over the holidays.

Hope you are all keeping well. Look forward to seeing more of you in school over the next couple of weeks,

Miss Leith :)

STEM Enterprise Competition

For those budding engineers and entrepreneurs out there, here are some details of a competition for you to enter. Previous prizes have included iPads and Dominos vouchers.


The Great Indoors Badge

The Great Indoors Badge is not just about learning new skills, this is about bringing out what is already inside you! The different stages allow you to share what you've learnt and find a way to support your community.


Year 10s can complete the Explorer Challenges. Open to Explorer members and non-members.

General information can be found here:

Information on how to earn your badge can be found here:


June 2020

General Announcement

Hi year 10,

First announcement on the new year 10 webpage. I hope you are all keeping well! Some of you have had a lesson back in school, whilst I'm sure it was a shock to the system, I really hope you enjoyed being in, having that face to face contact with your teacher and seeing some of your friends. You will have more sessions before the end of this academic year and I hope you're all able to come in, however if you are unable to, try to let your teacher know.
Zoom lessons will start next week. Staff will be working really hard over the next few weeks to ensure you have quality zoom lessons as well as continuing to set work via SMHW so a reminder to keep up with all work and message your teacher on SMHW if you are struggling.
As always, you can email me with any

I hope you enjoy browsing the year 10 webpage...a reminder that any suggestions you might have for it or if you have a quiz you'd like us to upload, please send your suggestions to either myself or Dr Williams and we'll do our best to get it onto to the page.

Stay safe,
Miss Leith  


 Themes of the month

October 2020


To persevere is to not to give up, especially when things seem difficult or when the goal seems a long way away. It is about pushing yourself through challenges and challenging times, getting you past the hard stuff so you can get what you want. You may also know perseverance as Grit.

Remember that good things don’t just happen overnight, you have to work hard for them. In tutor we recently learned about grit, and how J. K. Rowling had to persevere to get her first Harry Potter book published when the publishers kept rejecting it.

For some of us, we may have missed out on work or understanding over the lock down period. By persevering, you will be able to overcome this gap and feel on track. Accept the catch up sessions offered to you, and don’t forget to ask your teachers for help and support. By persevering now, you’ll harvest the rewards of your hard work next year. By persevering now, you’ll better reach your goals!

September 2020


Flexibility is about being able to adapt and change. Learning is easier if you are willing to open yourself to new experiences and show creativity to problem solving. Flexibility allows you to deal with new and different situations. It helps you cope when things change and when the unexpected occurs.

Clearly 2020 has involved a lot of change for everybody. We have had to learn to quickly adapt to 'new normals' in our community, such as following the lock down rules. Here in school and all other schools across the country there have been many changes put in place to welcome you back safely. Teachers will show flexibility with their new working style moving around the school, and by following the new rules and routines that have been implemented. If you can show flexibility too, you'll be able to manage the changes more easily. Adjust your expectations and know that not all things will be the same, for now, though many things will be - such as seeing your friends and enjoying great lessons. Adapting to change can be challenging and people will adjust at different rates. Don't be afraid to speak to a friend or teacher if you find change difficult, help is always available.

July 2020


Last month the focus was on striking the balance between work and play. This month the focus has shifted towards how we can keep on going that little bit longer. The summer holidays are fast approaching and many of us are on pretty low batteries. Not only has it been a long term and we're now ready for a break but the change in learning and our lifestyles has been quite mentally draining, especially for those of us struggling with maintaining a schedule without the rings of the school's bells.

Commitment means to be dedicated towards a cause. In the context of this post, the cause is our own individual academic and personal achievements. With just over two weeks left until the summer holidays we all must find the inner strength, dedication and perseverance to keep going. The end of year 10 is in sight, the goal is almost reached. So try and remember why it is you are putting in the hard work already (think back to those motivations from VESPA) and with that in mind keep on going. The hard work you put in now will be worth it, the fruits of your labour will be harvested at the end of year 11. We believe in you all and we trust you'll do what you can to put the final effort in before a well deserved break later this month!!

June 2020

Mission and Medal

This month, as many of you work so hard on your classwork, either remotely via SMHW, Zoom or in school, take the time to reflect on something we have learned about from our VESPA booklet: Mission & Medal. The mission is the work that you need to do. You can't skip out this stage - it's very important, especially as next year you'll be finishing this stage of your academic journey. But it's also important you strike a work-life balance. Work too hard without a break or relaxation and you can end up operating on half power, or worse burn out. This is where the medal comes into play. The medal is the reward or treat that you get for completing the mission. It could be a socially distanced walk, a catch up with a friend or your family, watching some TV or playing a game. If you've worked hard, you deserve a reward for it. Striking this balance is important - too much mission or too much medal can have negative effects on both yourself and your school work. So as June continues, remember to work on striking this balance and achieving your full potential. Well done.


Mental Health & Mindfulness Calendars

Key Contacts and Apps

Useful Apps:

Forest - This is a simple game that rewards you for not using your phones! One of the worst habits for destroying concentration and ruining quality time is constantly checking your smartphone – whether to play games, look at social media or stay up to date with endless group WhatsApp threads. With this App, you plant a seed in the ground and within 30 minutes the seed can grow into a tree, you simply need to ignore your phone to allow the seed to grow.  While the tree grows the App displays messages like 'Put me down!' or 'Leave me alone!' it keeps track of how long you have waited for each tree to grow.
Mindshift - designed specifically for teens and young adults
Happify - fast track to a good mood.  Engaging games, gratitude prompts, training your brain to overcome negative thoughts.
Calm - linked to Calm Harm (the self harming tool) but Calm provides guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programmes and relaxing music.

If you are a student and want to talk to someone about a problem while Aylesford School is closed – why not phone:

Childline 0800 1111

Safeline for Young People  0808 800 5007

MIND 0300-123-3393

Or try one of these websites:

October 2020

Life is far from perfect, but there are lots of reasons for optimism. Setting positive goals for the future gives our lives a sense of direction and purpose. And although we face many challenges there are also lots of reasons to stay hopeful. By consciously choosing our priorities we can overcome issues, make progress and focus on what really matters.

Have goals for the future.

Feeling good about the future is important for our happiness. We all need goals to motivate us and these need to be challenging enough to excite us, but also achievable. If we try to attempt the impossible this brings unnecessary stress. Choosing ambitious but realistic goals gives our lives direction and brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when we achieve them.

September 2020

July 2020

June 2020





GCSE Revision

Useful Links

GCSE Bitesize

Seneca Learning



Quizzes, Jokes and more...

September 2020

 Coming soon...

July 2020


Dr Williams (again, sorry - seriously somebody give me better material already!):

Working in a mirror factory is something I can totally see myself doing...

Brain teasers (answers below)

1. What can be seen once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in a thousand years?

2. Which tyre doesn’t move when a car turns right?

3. I am not alive but I have five fingers. What am i?

4. Which word is written incorrectly in the dictionary?

5. A truck drove into a village and met 4 cars. How many vehicles were going into the village?

6. People buy me to eat, but they never eat me. What am i?

7. We kill, and we give life. We are either poison or fruit -  you choose. What are we?

8. Which hand is better for stirring sugar into a cup of tea?

9. Feed me, and it will give me life. But give me a drink and I will die. What am i?

10. Who makes moves whilst being seated?

11. What gets wet whilst drying?

12. The more you take out of it, the bigger it becomes. What is it?

13. I’m always somewhere between the ground and the sky, always far in the distance, always moving further away if one tries to come closer. What am i?


1. The letter 'M' 2. The spare tyre 3. A glove 4. The word incorrectly 5. One truck 6. A plate 7. Words 8. It is better to use a spoon 9. Fire 10. A chess player 11. A towel 12. A pit 13. Horizon

Answers to last month's quiz:


Answers to last month's quiz. How many did you get right? Get in touch and let us know! (Scroll past to find the latest quiz for July).

This month's quiz is on nature. So how much attention have you all been paying to nature in the last few months? Can you identify these birds found commonly in British gardens. (9 out of 12 is considered a good score)


June 2020


Dr Williams: Where do fish keep their money? In riverbanks! 


Guess the company from the logo. Some logos are partially missing to make it harder. Have a go and hold on to your answers. The answers will be revealed on here in July!