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Year 7

Welcome Year 7 to your area of the school website

*Important information for Year 7- Partial school closure- Year 7 ONLY*

Year 7 - X Band - 7DHS, 7FRL, 7HLY, 7MCG Not to attend school Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th November. Return Friday 27th.

Year 7 - Y Band - 7JHN, 7JRD, 7LEI Not to attend school Friday 27th and Monday 30th November. Return Tuesday 1st December.

Parents and carers have been advised by email.


Hello Year 7! Welcome to your area of the Aylesford School website. We have designed this area as a place for you, where we will share achievements and successes within the year group as well as a place to reference things that we feel could be useful to you. 

We will also include some useful links to websites that can help you get more information or help on a topic (academic and wellbeing support). Check in regularly for messages from myself, Miss Benbow or your tutors, important news, updated information and any important dates that you may need to make a note of.

We hope you find our year 7 page fun and informative.If you need to contact us please find our email addresses below. 

Miss McLean

News and Notices -22nd November 2020

Reminder- Teacher Training Day (Whole School) Friday 4th December 

Reports and Parents Evening.

A massive well done Year 7 for some amazing interim reports. After a particularly difficult year for everyone you have started here at Aylesford brilliantly. I have read through all the reports and I was really proud of how most of you have settled in, embraced new challenges and subjects and given 100%. We also conducted our first ever Zoom parents evening. We were the first year group to trial this and despite a few technical hitches, it was a great success. Tutor's were really happy to feedback on how you were doing in subjects and say hello to your families/carers.

Safety in school

All students must now have a mask in school. It is really important that you remember your mask EVERY day. Student Services have given out hundreds over the last few weeks and do not have the capacity to continue this. Thank you to all those that arrive every day with their masks.In the case of using disposable face masks these can sometimes break, so please make sure your child has sufficient replacements with them. The responsibility for ensuring that students have a face covering is the responsibility of parents or carers. Any masks held by the school must be reserved for emergencies only.

In light of the recent increase in demand from students, we have placed an emergency order for a very limited amount of face coverings and have no alternative but to increase the cost to 0.50p for the supply of an EMERGENCY facemask during the school day. It is important that should you have a notification of this cost being applied to your ParentPay account that this is promptly paid. Thank you.

A reminder of a few rules.

Mobile phones are not permitted in school time. If you do bring a phone into school it MUST stay in your blazer pocket and not be out and being used at break/lunch time. It will be confiscated and placed in my office if you are seen with it out during the day.

You must come into school each day prepared for learning. You need to bring in your own equipment every day (pens, rulers etc) as equipment cannot be shared in school between pupils. Don't forget your reading book!

To clarify what is expected/allowed for PE, please find a list below.

Girls Kit

·         Blue Aylesford PE top

·         Blue Aylesford jumper

·         Blue Aylesford skort or shorts

·         Blue Aylesford jogging bottoms or plain black jogging bottoms

  •          Optional base layers under normal PE kit - leggings and long sleeved top (they must be navy or black)
  •          Optional Waterproof or showerproof jacket in wet weather (Ideally navy or black)

Students are not allowed to wear leggings without a skort over the top.

Boys kit

·         Blue Aylesford PE top or Blue Aylesford rugby long sleeved top

·         Blue Aylesford shorts

·         Blue Aylesford jogging bottoms or plain black jogging bottoms

  •          Optional base-layers in navy or black under normal PE kit
  •          Optional Waterproof or showerproof jacket in wet weather (Ideally navy or black)

Students are not allowed to wear hoodies or jumpers that are not Aylesford's.


Meet the Year 7 team.

House news 2019/20

Huge congratulations to Ragley House, who are this years house champions. Unfortunately, due to lock down, the exciting announcement and cup lift was done without the usual sports hall full of students.  A massive well done to all Ragley tutor groups and also well done to Charlecote, who came in 2nd place and Stoneleigh who were 3rd place. The results were very close and there has been a lot of Kudos points awarded to well deserving students this year.


Useful Resources.

Bitesize is the BBC's free online study support resource for school-age pupils in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid pupils in both schoolwork and, for older pupils, exams.

Family Information Service (FIS) We provide information, advice and one-to-one support for families with children and young people aged 0 to 25 across Warwickshire.

Useful Apps: 

Forest - I love this idea! This is a simple game that rewards you for not using your phones! One of the worst habits for destroying concentration and ruining quality time is constantly checking your smartphone – whether to play games, look at social media or stay up to date with endless group WhatsApp threads. With this App, you plant a seed in the ground and within 30 minutes the seed can grow into a tree, you simply need to ignore your phone to allow the seed to grow.  While the tree grows the App displays messages like 'Put me down!' or 'Leave me alone!' it keeps track of how long you have waited for each tree to grow.  I really need to get my 20 year old son to download this!

Happify - fast track to a good mood.  Engaging games, gratitude prompts, training your brain to overcome negative thoughts.

Take a look at this month's well being calender.

Covid is restricting our lives, but we can find new ways to keep making progress. Trying out new things can actually boost our well-being. When we open up to new ideas, it helps us stay curious and engaged. It can also bring a sense of accomplishment and help to boost our self-confidence and resilience. There are so many ways to learn new things and this month we're encouraging everyone to find new and creative ways to overcome our frustrating situations.