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Year 9

Welcome Year 9 to your area of the school website           2nd September 2020

Hello Year 9!  Welcome to your area of the Aylesford School website. We have designed this area as a place for you, where we will share the numerous achievements and successes within the year group as well as a place to reference things that we feel could be useful to you. As you as a year group also have a great sense of fun we have included some more light hearted sections such as joke of the week (we can't promise they will be good!) and a weekly quiz!
We will have a focus of the week, which will aim to raise your understanding of a topic which is likely to have some impact on you.  Some times there will also be useful links that can help you get more information or help on this topic.  If you want any more support or guidance with a particular theme then do get in contact with your Tutor, Miss McLean or Mrs Riggs.
We hope you find our year 9 page fun and informative. Check in weekly for updates!
Mrs Riggs and Miss McLean

Meet the Year 9 Team (pictures kindly drawn by friends, family or students!)

Mrs Riggs                                                                                                                    

Head of Student Progress Year 9

Not surprisingly I like to cook/bake!!  Which means I also like to have get-togethers with friends and family on a regular basis to enjoy some nice food! I can sail and ski (despite not being overly keen of water or heights!) The one claim to fame that I will share is that my grandmother was a stunt double for Elizabeth Taylor (an old actress!) in a movie a long time ago.

Miss McLean                                                                                                 

Assistant Head of Student Progress Year 9/9MCN

I love to spend time in my garden, going on walks and I also enjoying cooking. Listening to music is one of my favourite things to do, especially going to see live bands. Friends and laughter are really important to me and make me happy. My little bit of a claim to fame is that I used to run a school choir and we sang on the stage at the Royal Albert Hall and I also performed on stage in a teachers choir at the Genting Arena singing along side well known Opera singer Laura Wright (Google her!)

Miss McMurray                                                                              


I love to travel and some of my favourite places I have visited are; Canada, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Ecuador, NZ. I want to go Patagonia, Nepal. I have tried to read a book a day since lock down.

Mrs Mahmood                                                                                                                            


I am a smiley, spontaneous, Scottish loving teacher, who loves going for long walks with her children. Fun facts about me, is that I love painting. I have had my work displayed in a gallery many many moons ago.  I dislike any form of creepy crawlies. I once had a beetle crawl up arm at 5am in the morning, I had to do a funny dance to shake it off. I have no pets, but lots of kids instead!

Mr Banister      


Best described as follically challenged, music loving, crazy-daisy, the original BNS


Mrs Costanza                                                  


Things I enjoy doing are; running, cooking, baking, gardening, travelling, spending money!!! My favourite quote is "Life is a stage and you only get one performance. Make it a good one."

Mr Nunn                                                                                             


I am a modest(!) rugby playing PE teacher. I like travelling,History and coaching. I also enjoy cooking and I am good at making a Jalfrezi. I am not keen on buttons... Have I ever mentioned I once scored for AC Milan?

Mr Bainbridge                                                                      


"If it isn't football, sharks, food, boxing, music, travel, design, art, films or dogs then I'm not all that interested."

This weeks pastoral focus is...

Welcome back!

Welcome back Year 9! I can honestly say your teachers, tutors, myself and Mrs Riggs have really missed you. We have been lucky enough to see a few of you out and about, or when you came in and collected certificates and wow you have all really grown! We can't wait to start our new school year with you on Friday. The staff have been working very hard to ensure your smooth return to school.

So, what's happening when you return? Well, the day is going to look slightly different (for the time being at least) Rather than go straight to tutor at 8.30, when you arrive you will go straight to your first lesson Period 1, instead tutor will now be at 11.15- 11.30. You will be on break at 11am. Your lunch time will now be at 12.30-1.15 and the entrance you will arrive into will be the Shelly Avenue entrance. Your day will finish at 2.45pm.

The Year 9 block will be where Learning Support/Science usually is and you will have a new tutor room for the time being and these are as follows;

9MCN-F8 , 9BNB-G7 , 9CST-G10, 9BNS-G8 , 9MMY-F13 , 9NUN-F10 , 9MHM-F7

On Friday September 4th it will be your first day back. The first lesson will be a year period with your tutor, this will give everyone time to catch up, hear news, get your new timetables, listen to the new procedures and have a quick tour of the new one way system. Please head to your new tutor room for 8.30. Staff will be on the gates to guide you in and point you in the right direction.

We do understand that the first days back after such a long break might feel a bit daunting but as always, the whole Year 9 team, Mrs Riggs and myself are always here for you, to help with any worries or questions no matter how big or small!

If parents want to see any more information about the new school arrangements. It can all be found on the main website page.

See you on Friday Year 9!

Miss McLean and Mrs Riggs.

Exciting House news!

Huge congratulations to Ragley House, who are this years house champions. Unfortunately, due to lock down, the exciting announcement and cup lift was done without the usual sports hall full of students.  A massive well done to all Ragley tutor groups and also well done to Charlecote, who came in 2nd place and Stoneleigh who were 3rd place. The results were very close and there has been a lot of Kudos points awarded to well deserving students this year.


A delighted Miss McLean and Mr Nunn, Heads of House for Ragley, collecting the trophy on behalf of the students.


Well done to all that had a go in last week's photo quiz! Answers below.

Total points up for grabs were 21 (1 for item, 1 for location and 1 for bonus question) each entry gets 5 Kudos points and the winners receive 10 Kudos points.

The winners were:

Izzy K-8NUN for Ragley House

Gabriel BC-8MMY for Stoneleigh House

Evie E-8CST for Charlecote House


Well done all!

Quiz break next week. Check back the following week.

Ok, another observation round as you seem to like them. I have taken some photographs around school at unusual angles. How many places/items can you identify? I want the item and where it can be located. Bonus points if you can guess who the shoes belong to in picture 10!

As always, email your answers to or send them in to Miss McLean or Mrs Riggs on SMH. Kudos points for the winners :) 


1. Book art-Hall foyer. 2. Nets- Sports Hall. 3. Bench-Courtyard. 4. Stage box-Drama. 5. Paper mache heads-Hall foyer. 6. Bike shed-under Charlecote window. 7. Wheelchair-Sick bay/Student Services. 8. Band Saw-BNB room. 9. Ragley banner-Hall. 10. Sports court-Sports Hall. Bonus. Miss McLean and Miss McGreavy's shoes.

Joke of the week!     by Miss McLean

(Please send some good jokes in, these are getting worse!)

What do you call a boomerang that won’t come back?
A stick.

In other news...Year 9 'Clap for Kindness' and more

Continuing on from last weeks theme, we have been hearing more about how kind and generous our Year 9 students are. It makes us all so proud to hear about all the lovely things that you are doing during this difficult time.

However, this week we are going to give a shout out to our very own Mr Nunn. Please have a read of what he is up to in August and follow the link if you want to donate.


Congratulations to Mr Nunn and his team mates who reached John O'Groats on day 6 of their charity cycle ride. They have been raising money for the Mat Davis Foundation. The foundation helps young people in many ways, with the primary aim of providing relief to young people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Well done to Mr Nunn and everyone else involved. 

There is still time to donate to this very worth while cause. Please click on the link below.



Please let your tutors know about anything you would like to share that you are proud of. I update the page each week.

Useful resources.

Bitesize is the BBC's free online study support resource for school-age pupils in the United Kingdom. It is designed to aid pupils in both schoolwork and, for older pupils, exams.

Family Information Service (FIS) We provide information, advice and one-to-one support for families with children and young people aged 0 to 25 across Warwickshire.

Useful Apps: 

Forest - I love this idea! (I pinched it from Mrs Reeves sshh!) ! This is a simple game that rewards you for not using your phones! One of the worst habits for destroying concentration and ruining quality time is constantly checking your smartphone – whether to play games, look at social media or stay up to date with endless group WhatsApp threads. With this App, you plant a seed in the ground and within 30 minutes the seed can grow into a tree, you simply need to ignore your phone to allow the seed to grow.  While the tree grows the App displays messages like 'Put me down!' or 'Leave me alone!' it keeps track of how long you have waited for each tree to grow.  I really need to get my 20 year old son to download this!

Happify - fast track to a good mood.  Engaging games, gratitude prompts, training your brain to overcome negative thoughts.
Calm - linked to Calm Harm (the self harming tool) but Calm provides guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing programmes and relaxing music.

If you are a student and want to talk to someone about a problem while Aylesford School is closed – why not phone:

Childline 0800 1111

Safeline for Young People  0808 800 5007

MIND 0300-123-3393

Or try one of these websites:

Warwickshire Music Hub are holding free taster sessions for instruments. Please see leaflet below and click on attached website to book.


Take a look at the next wellbeing action calendar 'Self-Care September'. It's full of little tips on how to take of yourself. Remember, you need to take care of yourself first, before you can take care of others.