Art Bytes - Voting Now Open

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ARTICLE / 15th Apr 2024

Our Year 5 and Year 9 pupils are involved in Art Bytes, a national inter-school art competition. We are proud to announce that shortlisted artworks have been decided by their judging panel of esteemed industry professionals. Please visit our school’s portfolio pages to find out who our shortlisted artists are!

Year 5 -

Year 9 -

To determine our school’s winning artwork that will be exhibited in the Art Bytes Virtual Gallery, we need to vote! The shortlisted artwork that receives the most votes wins, but also the school in England that received the highest number of collective votes wins the Community Engagement Award with fantastic art prizes from Dryad Education!

Underneath every shortlisted artwork on our school’s page you will see VOTE NOW underneath the artwork. When clicking on “vote now”, you will need to enter your email address, wait for a confirmation email and click “confirm” to verify your vote. This ensures only one vote per email is registered and any subsequent votes with the same email will override the previous vote. To be able to vote for more than one entry, you will need to use a different email address.

Let’s get voting! #aylesfordambition