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Achievements and Results

Aylesford School is very proud of the year 11 students and all they have achieved in their GCSE exams; staff have spent the morning with students and their parents, celebrating their successes. This cohort of students have worked incredibly hard to achieve a good set of GCSE and BTEC grades which are strongly deserved; the results are a testament to the ambition and resilience these students have displayed throughout the pandemic disruptions. Their time at Aylesford has ensured that these students are fully prepared to take their next steps into further education. We look forward to welcoming many of them into our Sixth Form in September and for those that have chosen vocational courses at colleges or apprenticeships, we wish all these students all the best for their future.

Anna Scopes

Deputy Headteacher

24th August 2023

Congratulations to all our sixth formers receiving their results today. Your hard work, perseverance and dedication have been rewarded and you should all be very proud of your accomplishments. As you start the next chapter of your journey, university, apprenticeship or vocational training, these results reflect your potential, whatever path you choose. Well done and best wishes for the future.

Tim Hodgson


17th August 2023

Aylesford School Results 2022

Post 16

A Level APS                                                                                       32.2

Average grade per entry:                                                                C+

Applied subjects APS                                                                      29

Average grade per entry                                                               Merit +


Secondary phase

Attainment 8                                                                                   44.6

English & Maths 4+                                                                        65%

Staying in Education & employment                                           97%

Staying in education                                                                      91%


Primary Phase

Phonics: Percentage at expected standard                               87%

(10% above Warwickshire, 12% above National)

Phonics: Average score                                                                33.8

KS1 Attainment - Reading                                                 In line with national

KS1 Attainment - Writing                                                 In line with national

KS1 Attainment - Maths                                                   Significantly above national

KS2: Reading: Average scaled score                                            105

KS2: Maths: Average scaled score                                              102.3            

KS2:  EGPS                                                                          In line with national

KS2: Reading, Writing, Maths                                          In line with national


Congratulations to all our Year 11 students who are receiving their GCSE exam grades.

These excellent results reflect the hard work, dedication and resilience of our young people in the face of the difficulties created by these extraordinary times. They are also a testament to the constant support that they have received both from their families and from the teachers who have taught them during their time at Aylesford School. We are confident that these results will now allow all our students to continue their studies and move confidently forward with the careers of their choice in the coming years.

Tim Hodgson



A Level Results

Well done to all our students who have completed their Post 16 studies with us this year.

We are very proud that all of our Year 13 students will now be successful in securing the destination of their choice for next year.

They have proved their resilience in the face of adversity and who would doubt the further successes that undoubtedly await them in the future.

Tim Hodgson


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2019 Results

Outcomes for External Examinations in 2019

The school is pleased to share the outcomes at both GCSE and Post 16 qualifications for 2019. Students, supported by their parents and teachers should be proud of the achievement garnered from all their hard work and efforts.

GCSE Provisional results 2019

  • Progress 8:                                + 0.08: national 0   
  • Attainment 8:                              48.9: national 46
  • English best grade 4+                80% : national 71.5%
  • English best grade 5+                70% : national 54.7%
  • Maths grade 4+                          80% : national 74.7%
  • Maths grade 5+                          55% : national 51.9%
  • Science overall  4+                     72% 
  • Science(Double Award) 4+         64% : national 57.5%         
  • En/Ma Basic  4+                         70%
  • En/Ma 5+                                   48.6%: national 46%
  • Humanities 4+ against entry      64%
  • Languages 4+ against entry      94%
  • 5 or more subjects at 4+ GCSE incl. En/Ma       68%
  • 5 or more subjects at 4+ GCSE overall              73%
  • 5 or more subject passes at grade 1-9               99%
  • Percentage of all grades at 4+ 76% (national 67%)
  • Percentage of all grades at 7+ 20% (national 20%)

A Level and BTEC Level 3 Provisional Results 2019

  • A*/A Dist *                    20%
  • A*/B Dist+                     40%
  • A*-C Merit+                   74%
  • A*-E Pass+                    95%


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