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Pastoral Care

Aylesford School's pastoral system prides itself on teaching our students the 3 school core school values: Ambition, Resilience and Kindness.

We have a pastoral programme that incorporates 6 key themes across the school year into tutor time, assemblies and year periods.

The 6 key themes are:

  • Community and Anti-Bullying (Autumn Term);
  • Mental Health and Positive Peer Relationships (Spring Term);
  • Self-Care and Tolerance of Others (Summer Term). 

The pastoral team consists of two members of the Senior Leadership Team; six Heads of Year, who are a hybrid of both full-time Heads of Year and teaching Heads of Year; two Attendance Officers; a School Counsellor and a Pastoral Support Officer.

Contact details for the Pastoral Team can be found below:

Senior Leadership Team

Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral): Miss Jemma Leith 

Director of Safeguarding: Mrs Donna Savage


Heads of Year

Head of Year 7: Mr Thomas O'Connell

Head of Year 8: Mr Peter Connolly (teaching)  

Head of Year 9: Miss Paula McLean  

Head of Year 10: Mrs Lisa Brown

Head of Year 11: Ms Nicola Nunweiler 

Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Katie Reeves


Other Pastoral Support

Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Gemma Hutchings 

Pastoral Support Officer: Mrs Rachel Thomas

School Counsellor: Mrs Aimee Mottet



Secondary Phase Attendance Officer: Miss Naomi Williams

Primary Phase Attendance Officer: Mrs Jo Cull 


Year 7

Tutor Routine
Monday Uniform and equipment check
Tuesday Whole school assembly
Wednesday Year assembly
Thursday Pastoral curriculum
Friday Newsround/Quiz
Year 7 Tutor Team
Group Room Tutor Tutor Email
7WLC F29 Miss L Wilcock
7MHM S1 Mrs Z Mahmood
7MMY G19 Miss K McMurray
7BAS F3 Mrs A Bassi
7SOL G16 Ms C Solomons
7OCN F4 Mr C May
7REE G8 Mr S Reed


Year 8

Tutor Routine
Monday Uniform, equipment check and bulletin
Tuesday Pastoral themed activity
Wednesday Newsround and attendance chats
Thursday Tutor focus (E.G quiz and Kudos charts)
Friday Year assembly and uniform check
Year 8 Tutor Team
Group Room Tutor Tutor Email
8BLN S2 Miss L Blackburn
8BAH F36 Mrs C Badham
8JAV F34 Miss S Javadi
8SAH S3 Mrs H Sahota
8SET S6 Mr M Sexton
8HAL  S7 Miss J Hale
8YRD G32 Miss P Yeardley


Year 9

Tutor Routine
Monday Year assembly - including a uniform check
Tuesday Pastoral themed activity and equipment check
Wednesday Discussion for Student Voice and attendance chats
Thursday Newsround with Equipment check and attendance chats
Friday 'Fun Friday' - Tutor focus - quiz and kudos charts
Year 9 Tutor Team
Group Room Tutor Tutor Email
9ALX F23 Miss I Alexander
9THS G33 Mrs V Thomas
9CLL F21 Ms A Ford
9CST G17 Mr E Hall
9TYR F17 Miss L Tyreman
9GRI G43 Mrs V Grinham
9KRN G7 Ms L Sterland


Year 10

Tutor Routine
Monday  Newsround
Tuesday Assembly
Wednesday Pastoral theme activity
Thursday Pastoral theme or careers related activity
Friday Quiz or activity of the tutor's choice
Year 10 Tutor Team
Group Room Tutor Tutor Email
10RSS G18

Mrs N Rossier (Mon-Thurs)

Mrs S Holyman (Fri)

10FRL G31

Mrs E Furlong (Mon-Thurs)

Ms E Martin (Fri)

10BRK F27 Miss S Brooks
10ALS F26 Mr J Allsopp
10ONS G15 Miss B Onions
10SIM G34 Mr R Simpson
10RGG F2  Mrs L Riggs


Year 11

Tutor Routine
Monday Standards checks (uniform, equipment etc)
Tuesday Enrichment, as chosen by the tutor
Wednesday Pastoral programme discussion
Thursday Assembly
Friday VESPA booklets (focused on Growth Mindset)
Year 11 Tutor Team
Group Room Tutor Tutor Email
11BTL G14 Ms C Finnegan
11VSY G28 Mrs I Veasey
11DUB G37 Ms S Holyman
11BRC G26 Mr W Brice
11LNR G38 Miss R Lonergan
11RES F24 Mr J Rees
11BLL F7 Dr E Bell


Sixth Form

Tutor Routine

Daily Routine - Sixth Form

Sixth Form Tutor Team
Group Room Tutor Tutor Email
13RBN G35 Mrs H Robbins
13JHN F25 Mrs C Johnson
13PRC G22 Mrs S Purcell
12NUN F28 Nr S Nunn
12CNL F30 Miss V Cannell
12PRK G6

Mrs K Parkinson (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

Mr E Evans (Weds)

12BYN F27  Miss R Byrne