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Spiritual Moral Social Cultural (SMSC)

We are excited to inform all website users that we have attached a link below to Aylesford School’s Gridmaker. Gridmaker is an innovative, interactive on-line glimpse of some of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) activities we undertake with students across all year groups and across all departments.

We believe that Aylesford is particularly strong in fostering these important SMSC values as they tie-in naturally with our school mission statement: 

‘To inspire in students a passion for lifelong learning; to work in partnership with them and others so as to provide an exciting, engaging and enjoyable experience in a happy and secure environment.’

Click on the link below and log-in to the site using the guest password: assfc-guest

Enter Here

Then, simply hover your mouse over the various coloured grid cells. Photos and info pops-up for you to see. Gridmaker is fun to ‘browse’ for website visitors… But more importantly, it’s also a very useful audit-tool for teachers to understand which aspects we are already delivering well – and which areas we could improve on in the future.


Spiritual Development

Spiritual development is something unique and fundamental to the human condition. It is not necessarily experienced through the physical senses or through everyday language. It is to do with the search for the purpose and meaning of life and for values by which to live.

Moral Development

Moral Development is concerned with fundamental precepts and judgments about how we should behave and the reasons for such behaviour. It includes questions of intention, motive and attitude.

Social Development

Social Development is concerned with the skills and personal qualities necessary for individuals to live and function effectively in society, and involves a growth in knowledge and understanding of society in all its aspects.

Cultural Development

Cultural Development refers to the personal interests and achievements of students as well as the development of an increasing understanding and command of the beliefs, values, customs, knowledge and skills which, taken together, form the basis of identity and cohesion in society.