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Extended Project Qualification

Futurelearn are offering a free MOOC called "How to do an EPQ", with a range of start dates throughout the summer.  Click on the Futurelearn link for more information.

What is it?

The EPQ allows you to develop your interests in a particular topic, experience or skill.  It is for students who are interested in problem-solving, designing, managing and realising projects.  You should enjoy taking responsibility for your own learning, showing initiative, creativity and enterprise.  To succeed in the EPQ you will need to demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Managing your time effectively to complete a high quality project.
  • Self-motivation, determination and commitment to extend your skills.
  • A mixture of independence and teamwork
  • Passion for learning, desire to develop your skills and love of a challenge.

What will you learn?

  • Research methods
  • Presentation skills
  • Project management skills
  • Action planning
  • Self- and peer-evaluation and reflection

Why should you apply?

Employers, apprenticeship providers and universities value the higher level research skills and resilience in learning that the EPQ develops.

The EPQ can be used to enhance subject knowledge (although the topic you choose must be separate to the work you are doing in your A level courses).

An A* EPQ is worth 28 UCAS points (half of a full A level).

The experience gained through an EPQ can be used to support all forms of future applications, including UCAS Personal Statements.

More details on the course can be found in the document below.


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