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Finance and Funding

These links will help you with your finance for University. Don't forget to check with your chosen Universities about Bursaries and Scholarships which you may be eligible for - these vary from institution to institution. 


Find information on tuition fees, student finance across the UK, NI, for international students. Also, find funding information including for postgraduates.

Student Finance - tuition fees, loans and funding (


Apply now for student finance for 2023-24

Going to uni or college in 2023 to 2024?

2023 to 2024: It's time to apply for student finance - Apply now for 2023 to 2024!


There are some grants and loans available locally for both University and Apprenticeship applicants - please check the documents listed below for more information:

2024 Student Poster

Charities Information for Grants and Loans



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