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Sixth Form Dress Code

    Summer Adaptation Not Acceptable

Tailored skirt, trousers, dress or jumpsuit. These can be plain or patterned

NOTE: skirts and dresses should be worn at a reasonable length

Tights of minimum 60 denier should be worn under skirts and dresses which sit above the knee

A blouse, shirt, roll or turtleneck or polo shirt of any colour with single logo no larger than a 50p

Shirts and polo shirts should be tucked in

Ties are optional

Dresses and skirts of a cooler material may be worn

Skin colour tights to be worn with skirts and dresses which sit above the knee

Linen trousers

Crew neck t-shirts with single logo no larger than 50p

A cap sleeve is the shortest acceptable sleeve

Vest tops

Strappy tops

‘Spaghetti straps’

Skin-tight, stretchy, or revealing skirts or tops

Tops which reveal the mid-riff or cleavage

Jeans/shorts/leggings/tracksuit bottoms/ combat trousers/ camouflage pattern


Crew neck T shirts in winter unless worn as a base layer


A smart jumper or cardigan can be worn

Sweaters may be worn over a collar: no sports slogans. Single logos should be no bigger than a 50p

We encourage students to wear a blazer

Coats: Should be plain and formal


A hoody does not constitute a coat


Smart shoes or boots that are formal, smart and dark in colour.

Boot type shoes are allowed provided they are worn under, not over trouser; boots can be worn with skirts.

Plain, lighter coloured canvas shoes

Ballet style flats

Sandals or flip flops

Ugg boots, biker boots, trainers or Converse / baseball style boots 

Hooded tops are not allowed except on a PE day when appropriate sport wear can be worn for PE during period 5. You are permitted to change during lunchtime at home or on site.


  • Jewellery: Sixth form students are permitted to wear jewellery but are asked to keep it minimal and discreet. A single nose piercing is acceptable. Spacer/stretchers in ears are not acceptable.
  • Make-up: Light, subtle make-up may be worn.
  • Hair colour: No extreme styles allowed and colour adaptations must remain discrete.
  • Head Coverings: No headwear indoors, except religious head coverings.
  • Tattoos: we acknowledge that students over-18 may wish to get a tattoo but would ask that they wait until after exams to get any that are visible.