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Secondary Teaching Staff 2023/2024

Forename: Surname: Staff Code: Subjects Taught:
Isabel ALEXANDER ALX Teacher of History
Joseph ALLSOPP ALS Head of History
Rick AMADEO AMD Teacher of Science
Livia BACUI BAC Teacher of Economics, Business & IT
Chloe BADHAM BAH Teacher of IT
Ananpreet BASSI BAS Teacher of Food & Nutrition
Madhia  BATOOL BTL Teacher of Ethics
Elizabeth BELL  BLL Teacher of Science
Lauren  BLACKBURN BLC Head of Maths
William BRICE BRC Head of Music
Sian  BROOKS BRK Teacher of Ethics
Hannah BUSH BSH Head of Science
Robyn  BRYNE BYR Head of Social Science
Kate  BYTHELL BYT Teacher of English
Victoria  CANNELL CNL Head of Business, ICT & Economics
Lindsey COLLINS CLL Joint 2nd in Science & Teacher of Science
Peter  CONNELLY  CNN Teacher of English
Carmelina COSTANZA CST Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Jogesh DUBB DUB Teacher of PE
Eddie  EVANS EVS Teacher of Science
Emily  FURLONG FRL Second in English
Colin  GRINHAM GRN Director of Teaching and Learning & Teacher of Boys PE
Vicki  GRINHAM GRI Head of Art
Jing HALE HAL Teacher of Mathematics
Ethan  HALL HLL Teacher of Mathematics
Rosemary  HARRISON HRR Teacher of Geography
Virinder HAYRE HYR Teacher of Psychology
Tim HODGSON HDS Headteacher
Samatha  HOLYMAN HLY Teacher of Science and STEM Co-ordinator
Gemma  HUTCHINGS HTC Assistant Head of Sixth Form and Teacher of Art & Textiles
Sian  JAVADI JAV Teacher of PE
Charlotte  JOHNSON  JHN Teacher of History
Marie  KIERNAN KRN Teacher of English and Mathematics
Sofia  LATIF LTF Teacher of Mathematics
Erin-Elizabeth LEIGH LEI Teacher i/c of Media Studies
Philip  LEIGH LGH Teacher of Drama
Jemma LEITH LTH Director of Pastoral Care & Teacher of History
Sarah  LEONARD LEO Teacher i/c of Media Studies (MAT COVER)
Charlotte  LOCKYER  LCK Teacher of Geography
Rebecca  LONERGAN  LNR  Teacher of English
Zahbaria MAHMOOD MHM Teacher of Maths
Kate  McDONAGH MCD Director of Inclusion & Teacher of PE
Kirsten  McMURRAY MMY Head of PE
Sam  NUNN NUN Second in PE
Bethany  ONIONS ONS Teacher of Ethics
Ryan  O'CONNOR OCN Teacher of D&T
Kirstie  PARKINSON PRK Joint 2nd in Science & Teacher of Science
Sylvia  PURCELL PRC Head of Drama
Justin REACING  REA Teacher of Science
Steve REED REE Teacher of Boys PE & Mathematics
James  REES RES Teacher of History
Katie  REEVES RVS Head of Sixth Form & Teacher of English
Lisa  RIGGS RGG Head of D&T
Hazel  ROBBINS RBN Teacher of English
Joanna ROBBINS RBB Teacher of Science
Emma ROGERS RGR Teacher of Photography & Food & Nutrition
Nicola ROSSIER RSS Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Hardip  SAHOTA  SAH Teacher of Maths & KS3 Co-ordinator
Claire SCHOFIELD SCF Teacher of English
Anna SCOPES SCP Deputy Headteacher, Teacher of Psychology & Maths
Malcolm SEDGLEY SED Teacher of History, Geography and Ethics
Matthew  SEXTON SET Teacher of Maths
Robert  SIMPSON SIM Teacher of English
Sally  SMITH SAS Teacher of Ethics
Caroline SOLOMONS SOL Head of MFL
Victoria THOMAS THS Teacher of Girls PE
Mark  THOMPSON  THM Teacher of D&T
Thomas  TILLIER  TLR SENCO & Teacher of Mathematics
Natalie  TOWNSEND  TWN Teacher of D&T
Lucy  TYREMAN TYR Teacher of Mathematics & KS5 Co-ordinator
Isabel  VEASEY VSY Teacher of Music, Geography & House Co-ordinator
Lauren  WILCOCK WLC Head of Geography
Pip YEARDLEY YRD Head of English


Secondary Support Staff 2023/2024

Forename: Surname: Staff Code: Responsibility:
Elizabeth ARAKLITIS ARA Teaching Assistant
Joanna BAYLISS BYL Exams & Qualifications Officer
Annabel  BETTERIDGE BET Teaching Assistant
Lisa  BROWN BRW Head of Year 10
Helen  CHESHIRE CHE Finance Administrator
Bou  CHRISTOU CHR Clerical Assistant
Lisa  CLIFFORD  CLF Deputy Office Manager
Sabinda DAVIES DAV Teaching Assistant
Yvonne DILLON  DLL Finance Officer
Vanessa  DUBRAVA DBR Pastoral & Inclusion Assistant
Marcus EASTERLOW EAS Site Services Assistant
Joss FARMER  FRM  School Network Manager
Catherine  FAYARD FYD Food & Textiles Technicican
Leo FLUKES FLK Teaching Assistant
Ruth  FRYER FRY Teaching Assistant
Zoe  GRANT  GRA Operations Officer
Jayne  HARRISON HRS Teaching Assistant
Roxy HITCHCOX  HTH Senior Science Technician
Sophie HITCHCOX HTX Cover Supervisor
Victoria  HODGETTS HTT Teaching Assistant
Samantha  HUGHES HUG HR Manager and Headteacher's PA
Alex JONES JON Teaching Assistant
Ann JORDAN JRD Careers Advisor and Guidance Officer
Marie  KIERNAN KRN  Teaching Assistant
Anthony  LAWRENCE LWR Weekend Premises & Lettings Officer
Ewan LEE LEE Cover Supervisor
Erin-Elizabeth LEIGH LEI Communications, Media and Marketing Officer
Hannah  LOVERIDGE LVR Teaching Assistant
Jacqueline  McCARTHY MCC Inclusion Co-ordinator
Kerry  McDERMOTT MDT Office Manager
Donna  McGREAVY MCG Intervention and EAL Co-ordinator
Paula  McLEAN MCN Head of Year 9
Michael  McTIGUE MCT Site Services Assistant
Janice  MILLER  MLL Teaching Assistant
Aimie MOTTET MTT School Counsellor
Nicola NUNWEILER NWL Head of Year 11
Thomas  O'CONNELL OCO Head of Year 7
Anna  ORME ORM Director of Operations & Clerk to Governors
Laurence  PAVIER  PVR Premises Manager
Brendan  PAYNE PAY Site Services Assistant
Samantha  PERKINS VAC Admissions & SIMS Data Manager
Katie  PIORKOWSKI  PKW Teaching Assistant
Maria RICH RIC Head of Year 8
David  RIMAN RMN Site Services Assistant
Sarah  ROSS SRO Cover and MIS Manager
Donna  SAVAGE  SVG Director of Safeguarding
Geoff  SCHOLES SCH TA - Sixth Form
Jacqueline SHAW  JSH Clerical Assistant
Marie  SHAW SHA Finance Manager
Mark  SMITH SMT Senior Site & Complicance Officer
Harry  TALLIS TAL ICT Technician
Ruby  TAYLOR  TAY  Clerical Assistant
Rachel THOMAS  THO  Senior Pastoral Support Officer
Lisa  TILL TLL TA - Sixth Form
Robert  WARNES WAR Librarian
Naomi WILLIAMS WIL Attendance Officer


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